By Martin Niedelman-Reg. Ph.


It was about twenty five years ago, in the year 1985, I was sitting in my den in a semi-awake state. A profound, crystal clear thought came into my mind. All cancers can be cured. My theory is that each cancer is unique to the individual who has it. By extracting cancer cells from this individual, making a sort of vaccine from these cells, and injecting this person with these cells, the cancer can be arrested or cured. We use the term vaccine to describe this inoculation. However, it is actually an auto injection.

The pitfalls of using this procedure are the cost and time involved. Instead of going through the rigorous method of producing a vaccine, we can call it an auto injection. Just take the cells, put them in an alkaline liquid, decrease the particle size, and inject it into the individual it was taken from.

Through the years, I have seen scattered articles and news alerts about this phenomenon. They usually state that it will take several years to perfect the cure of a limited type of cancer. Then I don’t hear anything more. Now is the time for action. Being a pharmacist for over forty years, I am familiar with the pharmaceutical industry and the state of disease. There are scientists, researchers, and doctors who are more knowledgeable in this subject than me, but sometimes simplicity has a way of eluding all of us. To me, it makes perfectly good sense to do a study on a population of cancer patients to determine if my theory is feasible. It may work with one shot or boosters may be needed. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly monitoring may be essential. A cross section of patients should be involved with various cancers at various stages. A determination could be made as to whether the outcome is better at an early stage or at any point, including terminal patients.

I am optimistic that my theory will work to some extent, even if it has to be modified or enhanced. The only way to know would be to try it NOW. Some may say that if we did in fact cure cancer, it would financially hurt those pharmaceutical companies who produce cancer drugs. It may also hurt the many organizations that are raising money to cure cancer. I say, the pharmaceutical companies have many other diseases they can concentrate on including arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s, and diabetes to name just a few that they are controlling but not curing. As far as the fund raising groups are concerned, let them continue to raise money. Instead of using it to find a cure for cancer, use the funds to pay for the injections, which is the cure.

The purpose of this article is not only to wake up the scientists and cancer researchers, but to get everyone talking, so that we can put this auto injection theory into motion to make it a reality. Once it is established that there is merit, the same can be applied to AIDS and any other incurable virus type condition. So, you can see the urgency of this issue. Let’s start talking to everyone we know to get this idea into motion. There is no reason to wait a few years, which could mean the death of hundreds of thousands of individuals. By acting now, not only will we save lives, but we will enhance the quality of life of each cancer patient. There won’t be a need for devastating chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Throughout the world there are thousands of people in hundreds of labs researching cancer. To pardon a cliché, if we can fly to the moon and beyond, and do anything and everything with a computer, why can’t all these great minds cure cancer? Remember, one person can make a difference. Everyone knows someone who is diagnosed with cancer, or knows a politician, or knows an oncologist. If each person acts individually, we can collectively make the cure for this devastating disease a reality.