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Marty Niedelman is highly motivated and is a leader. He is a graduate of the Columbia College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He was the owner of three pharmacies, which he turned into successful businesses. He is married to Linda for forty one years, has two children and two grandchildren. Over the past twenty five years, he has read many motivation books, listened to tapes, and attended seminars. His role model is the late, great Napoleon Hill, who wrote the book "Think and Grow Rich", which he read several times and listened to the tape hundreds of times. He completed the Science of Success course and finished with all A’s.

Marty joined the Knights of Pythias and eventually became Chancellor Commander of his lodge. He joined the Avenue L Merchants Association and was elected president two times. Marty became a member of the Canarsie Lions Club, was elected president twice, and was awarded a Melvin Jones Fellow, which is one of the highest achievements a Lion can attain.

Marty has written and recorded motivation tapes and has given lectures on the subject. He believes in helping people who are less fortunate by donating time and money to them. He also wants to help individuals help themselves to achieve their goals and elevate their position in life.