For success
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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to read a few pages and get the benefit of reading many books which could amount to thousands of pages? This is what Marty Niedelman has done for you. He has read many motivational books, listened to tapes, taken courses, and attended lectures. He feels that in essence, everyone is saying the same thing in different ways. By summing up all the knowledge he has obtained, you will reap the benefit. Being able to read his recipe for riches in thirty minutes or less, you can make it easy to fulfill your dreams.

By taking the time to read this synopsis, you show that you want to be motivated and you want to succeed. Motivation is something that can be learned, something you can make a habit of. Marty calls this an Rx or recipe. If you use certain ingredients in a certain way, you can accomplish what you desire. By reading this short synopsis several times, you will engrain these ideas into your mind and you will become a success.